Being Connected Ain’t What It Used to Be

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Being Connected Ain’t What It Used to Be These days, everyone is connected – to their tablets and smartphones. Friendships exist in the virtual world. So much of life is lived online. Modern technology has made many truly amazing things possible, but it has also created challenges. When the focus is on our screens rather than on the living, breathing people we care about and the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, it’s not at all unusual for … Read More

Understanding Depression

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Understanding Depression   Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S., with major depressive disorder affecting almost 15 million Americans every year. Some people are genetically predisposed to depression and struggle with it off and on throughout their lives. Others experience situational depression, which can be a normal reaction to trauma, loss or significant life transition.   The good news is that depression is one of the most manageable mental health issues. With the right … Read More

Investing in your Relationship

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 Investing in your Relationship   All couples face challenges. Some may bring you closer, others will drive you apart – but that doesn’t have to be the end.   Instead of hopes and dreams, your conversations may revolve around money issues, unfulfilled promises and the division of daily tasks.  You may be frustrated with your partner’s approach to parenting.  Maybe, both of you have put a higher priority on your careers than on your relationship.  Instead of providing love and … Read More

Marital Affairs Are More Common Than You May Think

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Marital Affairs Are More Common Than You May Think   It’s impossible to state definitively how common affairs really are. The data varies considerably, but studies suggest that anywhere between 20 and 76 percent of people have engaged in a sexual affair at least once.   When you add emotional infidelities to the mix, the numbers grow even larger.   If left unaddressed, affairs threaten intimacy, increase disconnection and can be the demise of a relationship. However, with the help … Read More

When Infidelity Leads to Divorce

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When Infidelity Leads to Divorce   Sometimes infidelity may be too difficult to overcome.  Couples may mutually decide to divorce, but if they have children or assets that they share, it will be in everyone’s best interests to come to terms with the emotional toll of – not only the breach of trust – but the marital problems that contributed to the affair.   If either you or your partner feels that the connection between you has been broken or … Read More

Anxiety 101

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Anxiety 101   Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. It is totally natural.  When anxiety reaches a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks, however, it may be time to seek help.   If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, some of the symptoms you may be experiencing include:   Racing, worrisome thoughts that feel out of control Worrisome … Read More

What Makes Richard Sussman Therapy Unique?

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What Makes Richard Sussman Therapy Unique?   In his practice, Richard Sussman offers a unique integration of meditation and psychotherapy. Over almost 50 years as a practicing therapist studying contemplative practices, he has learned that there is a significant crossover between the two.   Simply put, psychotherapy—whether it’s through a specific focus, such as couples counseling, anger management therapy or addiction counseling—helps people deal with where they’re at, and meditation helps them deal with where they’re at with where they’re … Read More

Get to Know Richard Sussman

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Get to Know Richard Sussman   Richard Sussman always felt compelled to help people. Even at a young age, he was far more interested in how the mind, emotions and body work together than in business or money. Today, he loves helping people cultivate awareness and self-love.  He is helps them live in the present and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.   “We can never be anywhere but in the here and now, although the majority of us dwell in the past … Read More

How Richard Sussman Can Help You

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How Richard Sussman Can Help You   After attending therapy to resolve long-standing issues with his father, Richard realized that he wanted to practice therapy to help others, too. He started his practice at the age of 22.   His first client referred nine others; from there he began what would become his life’s work and passion. For many decades now, Rich has worked with individuals and couples. He takes an honest, direct and compassionate approach to his practice, casting … Read More

Individual Counseling Can Help You Feel Empowered and Alive

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Individual Counseling Can Help You Feel Empowered and Alive   Feelings of inadequacy and unhappiness have become the cultural norm, but you don’t have to live that way. If feelings of perpetual anger or sadness, anxious thoughts, lack energy or defensiveness are impacting your ability to experience joy, meaning and productivity in your life, an experienced therapist can help you reframe your perceptions of yourself and your experience. With help, you can begin living a life of balance, intimacy and … Read More

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