Wondering How To Be Happy? Let Go of Shame, Blame and Guilt for Good.

Wondering how to be happy? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggling with relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, anger and more are asking themselves the same question. As a psychotherapist since my 20s, it’s a question that I entertained for years until coming to this non-dualist understanding: You are not the ultimate source of what happens in your life. When I tell clients this, many—if not most—of them look at me curiously, probably unsure if they heard me correctly. … Read More

Looking For Ways To Feel Happy?

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National Happiness Happens Day Is August 8 “Happiness is elusive because there isn’t an exact recipe for it, no matter how much we want one and how many scientific studies are done to help us understand happiness,” says Pamela Gail Johnson, founder the Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP). “Happiness is one of those experiences that we just know when it happens. If you need to think about whether you’re happy, you probably aren’t at that moment.” Johnson wondered if … Read More

Medical Professionals and Clients Have Respect for Richard Sussman

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Medical Professionals and Clients Have Respect for Richard Sussman Warren Steinberg, M.D., of Westport, CT, says, “I have referred many of my patients requiring psychotherapy to Richard Sussman over the past 25 years and continue to do so. His professionalism and expertise have been attested to over and over by my patients. As, I have grown to know him, I recognize him as a very caring and profound human being.” High praise indeed, but perhaps even more compelling is what … Read More

A Few Words from the Clients

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A Few Words from the Clients “A skilled, compassionate and effective therapist, Richard Sussman has guided me through difficult times in my life with strength, compassion and even humor. Possessed of an agile, insightful mind, he encourages me to explore, understand and open the door to change. ” – Jean Satti “I have been working with Richard for almost 10 years and it’s hard to find words to articulate just how highly I regard this man. He is an expert … Read More

Praise for Richard Sussman

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Praise for Richard Sussman “Richard Sussman has been on the open seas of the mind for a very long time. As a seasoned captain of his own ship, he been an excellent co-navigator in my own self-analysis and challenging transitional journey. ” – john DiLeva Halpern “I have worked with Richard Sussman and have found him to be extremely empathic and intelligent. He is patient, caring, insightful, creative and knowledgeable, and has decades of expertise in his field. ” – … Read More

Being Connected Ain’t What It Used to Be

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Being Connected Ain’t What It Used to Be These days, everyone is connected – to their tablets and smartphones. Friendships exist in the virtual world. So much of life is lived online. Modern technology has made many truly amazing things possible, but it has also created challenges. When the focus is on our screens rather than on the living, breathing people we care about and the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, it’s not at all unusual for … Read More