How To Improve Communication In Marriage

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Using “I feel” statements to make rather than break your relationship Feelings are indicators about what interests and is important to us, and the expression of feelings is essential for establishing connection and creating intimacy in romantic partnerships. We have to be able to communicate clearly about how we feel in our relationship, such as expressing what we like or dislike about it. However, the clear expression of feelings is often practiced un-artfully. One of the most common errors I … Read More

Speaking Your Truth: Six Effective Communication Skills For Couples

The most essential condition of speaking your truth, whether it be addressing a grievance and requesting some kind of change, presenting a different opinion, or asking for what you want, is having the courage to clearly state what it is you want to express. This is usually only possible when your sense of wellbeing and wholeness is inherently felt and not dependent on the approval, agreement, or even the love of your partner. Without this inner sense of sufficiency, you … Read More

Conscious Relationships: Creating and Maintaining a Loving Partnership

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When relationships fail to satisfy us, often it’s not because of any inherent flaw in them, but because of the unrealistic expectations we place on them. We count on them to make up for our privations and disappointments from earlier life. We put our partners in the role of idealized parents whom we require to magically and consistently intuit our needs and to continually fulfill them. Since our partners often share the same fantasy of perfect attunement, it often becomes … Read More