Wondering How To Be Happy? Let Go of Shame, Blame and Guilt for Good.

Wondering how to be happy? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggling with relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, anger and more are asking themselves the same question. As a psychotherapist since my 20s, it’s a question that I entertained for years until coming to this non-dualist understanding: You are not the ultimate source of what happens in your life. When I tell clients this, many—if not most—of them look at me curiously, probably unsure if they heard me correctly. … Read More

Principles of non-duality

We usually think of ourselves and others to be independent entities possessing free will and the power to volitionally create our lives as we wish and choose. The non-dual spiritual perspective asserts that this sense of identity is completely illusory. It claims that our sense of individuality is actually a unique expression of a mysterious non-personal vibrant dynamic that presents itself spontaneously according to our internal and external conditioning that has been programmed by itself. We, being only expressions of … Read More