Get to Know Richard Sussman

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Get to Know Richard Sussman


Richard Sussman always felt compelled to help people. Even at a young age, he was far more interested in how the mind, emotions and body work together than in business or money. Today, he loves helping people cultivate awareness and self-love.  He is helps them live in the present and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.


“We can never be anywhere but in the here and now, although the majority of us dwell in the past or worry about the future,” Rich says. “Once we recognize that the present truly is a present, let go of resistance and understand that each individual is a essentially a beautiful expression of being, it becomes possible to live free of blame, shame and guilt and enjoy a more joyful, productive and fulfilling life. Helping my clients get to this state of being is a deep pleasure for me.”


After being married for almost 40 years and raising two children, Rich knows firsthand the difficulties and struggles that so many of us face. He is highly accepting of people and acts in basic goodness. Perhaps that is why he has gained a reputation for effective couples counseling in NYC and CT.


It took him many years to get where he is, but his spiritual perspective now pervades his whole life. “Rather than become consumed with the what if and what was, I now have a total acceptance of what life brings, which results in a sense of humor about many aspects of our human experience,” he says. “I’ve learned that nothing in life is really anyone’s fault. It just is, and we just are. We are all just expressions of energy and the flow of life itself.”


If you are considering depression therapy in New York City or CT, call Richard Sussman Therapy and request a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and to answer any questions you have. For the NYC office, call 212-874-9402 and, for the Weston, CT office, call 203-544-8418.