When Infidelity Leads to Divorce

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When Infidelity Leads to Divorce


Sometimes infidelity may be too difficult to overcome.  Couples may mutually decide to divorce, but if they have children or assets that they share, it will be in everyone’s best interests to come to terms with the emotional toll of – not only the breach of trust – but the marital problems that contributed to the affair.


If either you or your partner feels that the connection between you has been broken or that you’re out of alignment with values, aspirations and intentions, it may make sense to end your relationship. If that’s the case, infidelity therapy in NYC or CT may help you process the emotional aspects of the affair, and allow you to separate in a way that supports each other and your children.


If you are struggling in your intimate relationships, you are not alone. Relationship problems are extremely common. Many people never resolved conflicts in their family of origin.  If you want your next relationship to be successful, it’s important to identify and address your personal triggers and allow yourself to heal from past hurts. Left unaddressed, these problems are likely to continue to arise in your relationships. By addressing the thoughts, feelings and circumstances that contributed to the affair, you may find it possible to heal the wounds of betrayal, leaving you open to create intimate connections in the future that will offer you security and satisfaction.


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