Investing in your Relationship

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 Investing in your Relationship


All couples face challenges. Some may bring you closer, others will drive you apart – but that doesn’t have to be the end.


Instead of hopes and dreams, your conversations may revolve around money issues, unfulfilled promises and the division of daily tasks.  You may be frustrated with your partner’s approach to parenting.  Maybe, both of you have put a higher priority on your careers than on your relationship.  Instead of providing love and support, your partner may make you feel misunderstood and angry.


Couples counseling for NYC or CT residents may help you reconnect.


If you have children or if you still really love your partner and want to save your relationship, it’s worth giving couples counseling a try. You and your partner might be surprised to find the spark that brought you together has been rekindled.  With help, you may begin to develop more effective and loving ways of communicating. If you are both committed to doing the work, anything is possible.


Couples counseling is more effective when both partners commit, but it is possible to make progress by doing some work on your own. In individual sessions, you can explore what you bring to your relationship and what changes you might be able to make to improve the communication and overall dynamic of your partnership. If your partner notices the growth you are experiencing, it becomes easier for the other to look at his or her contribution to the conflicts and even join in sessions.


You don’t have to navigate your relationship struggles on your own. If you are in New York City or Weston, CT, call Richard Sussman Therapy for a free 15-minute phone consultation. He can answer any questions you may have about marriage therapy or couples counseling. Call 212-874-9402 to reach the NYC office or 203-544-8418 to reach the Weston, CT office.


Richard Sussman also offers anger management therapy in NYC and CT and individual counseling for New York City area residents.