Medical Professionals and Clients Have Respect for Richard Sussman

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Medical Professionals and Clients Have Respect for Richard Sussman

Warren Steinberg, M.D., of Westport, CT, says, “I have referred many of my patients requiring psychotherapy to Richard Sussman over the past 25 years and continue to do so. His professionalism and expertise have been attested to over and over by my patients. As, I have grown to know him, I recognize him as a very caring and profound human being.”

High praise indeed, but perhaps even more compelling is what Richard Sussman’s clients have to say:

“Understanding, spiritual, wise, these are just a few of the words that describe Richard Sussman. As my therapist, Richard has guided me through some the most difficult times in my life with strength, tenderness and even humor. He continues to help me shine a light of understanding, to accept and let go of the past and move forward to celebrate the present. It is a journey that is difficult, yet rewarding, and I value, treasure appreciate his insight, knowledge and compassion.”
-Jean Satti
Creative Director, Mean Jean Productions

“After twenty-five years together, our marriage was nearly over when we decided to seek couples counseling with Richard Sussman. Now it’s been fifteen years since Richard’s help, and our relationship and love have healed and we are happier and more fulfilled than ever before.”
Westport, CT

“As a Partner in a CPA firm, the Partner Group has to handle extremely stressful financial management issues and demands, not only from our external clients, but from our internal client, the firm, along with a very demanding Managing Partner. Over the past 7 plus years, Richard Sussman has guided me in navigating theses tumultuous waters by listening closely and helping me focus on understanding why I am so I can better understand who I am. This knowledge has empowered me to reduce stress and anxiety, but more importantly has enabled me to become a much better husband, father and overall person. I am grateful for Richards’s guidance and look forward to his guidance for many years to come.”
-Partner, the Partner Group

If you are in need of individual or couples counseling in NYC, call the offices of Richard Sussman for a free phone consultation. You can discuss your specific needs – ranging from addiction counseling in CT to infidelity psychotherapy in NYC – with him and ask any questions you have about either therapy in general or his practice in particular. Call 212-874-9402to reach the NYC office or 203-544-8418 to reach the Weston, CT office.