Praise for Richard Sussman

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Praise for Richard Sussman

“Richard Sussman has been on the open seas of the mind for a very long time. As a seasoned captain of his own ship, he been an excellent co-navigator in my own self-analysis and challenging transitional journey. ”
– john DiLeva Halpern

“I have worked with Richard Sussman and have found him to be extremely empathic and intelligent. He is patient, caring, insightful, creative and knowledgeable, and has decades of expertise in his field. ”
– Melissa Kraft

“Richard is a wonderful therapist, smart, sensitive, attentive and gets results! His knowledge and abilities have always been very impressive and comforting. He is the best!! ”
– Betsy Cohan

“Richard Sussman is the best, and I’ve tried quite a few. Richard wastes no time, keeps you focused on the issue at hand and yet is always kind, caring and supportive. He helped me, my wife, and my daughter individually and all of us as a group. If you are truly willing to look at yourself, Richard will help you find your SELF. ”
– John Donahoe

“Rich easily understands core issues and helps to identify solutions. He has assisted me and my family to achieve the highest degree of success and better understand certain challenges that were considered bottlenecks. The ultimate prize is finding true happiness and completeness and being a better person!”
– Steven Goldstein

If you are looking for depression treatment in NYC or marriage counseling in CT, call for a free phone consultation. Richard Sussman has extensive experience as a respected and licensed therapist. You can discuss your specific needs with him and ask any questions you have about therapy and his practice. Call 212-874-9402 to reach the NYC office or 203-544-8418 to reach the Weston, CT office.