How Richard Sussman Can Help You

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How Richard Sussman Can Help You


After attending therapy to resolve long-standing issues with his father, Richard realized that he wanted to practice therapy to help others, too. He started his practice at the age of 22.


His first client referred nine others; from there he began what would become his life’s work and passion. For many decades now, Rich has worked with individuals and couples. He takes an honest, direct and compassionate approach to his practice, casting no judgment. Clients, family and friends all say that he’s easy to talk to.


Rich is passionate about the work he does. He shares in the excitement when clients experience breakthroughs and are able to let go of the negative thoughts that have been holding them back and begin living fulfilling, confident, productive lives. A centerpiece of his work is helping people let go of the shame, blame and guilt that far too many of us carry.


Rich provides individual counseling with a focus on depression treatment, anxiety treatment, addiction counseling, stress management counseling and spiritual counseling. He also does a lot of work with couples, helping with both divorce therapy and marriage counseling in CT and NYC. With affair recovery and infidelity therapy in NYC and CT he has helped many couples repair their relationships and deepen their connection to each other and themselves.