Understanding Depression

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Understanding Depression   Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S., with major depressive disorder affecting almost 15 million Americans every year. Some people are genetically predisposed to depression and struggle with it off and on throughout their lives. Others experience situational depression, which can be a normal reaction to trauma, loss or significant life transition.   The good news is that depression is one of the most manageable mental health issues. With the right … Read More

Marital Affairs Are More Common Than You May Think

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Marital Affairs Are More Common Than You May Think   It’s impossible to state definitively how common affairs really are. The data varies considerably, but studies suggest that anywhere between 20 and 76 percent of people have engaged in a sexual affair at least once.   When you add emotional infidelities to the mix, the numbers grow even larger.   If left unaddressed, affairs threaten intimacy, increase disconnection and can be the demise of a relationship. However, with the help … Read More

What Makes Richard Sussman Therapy Unique?

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What Makes Richard Sussman Therapy Unique?   In his practice, Richard Sussman offers a unique integration of meditation and psychotherapy. Over almost 50 years as a practicing therapist studying contemplative practices, he has learned that there is a significant crossover between the two.   Simply put, psychotherapy—whether it’s through a specific focus, such as couples counseling, anger management therapy or addiction counseling—helps people deal with where they’re at, and meditation helps them deal with where they’re at with where they’re … Read More

You Are Not Alone

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You Are Not Alone   Research indicates that 80 percent of habitual thinking is negative. It’s no wonder we often feel overwhelmed by feelings of unworthiness, uncertainty and dissatisfaction.  It also could help explain why so many people in NYC seek depression treatment.   We are all actually hardwired to pay more attention to negative experiences than positive ones. It was a survival tactic in our distant past. Today, we don’t have to worry about saber-toothed cats, but there are … Read More

How To Improve Communication In Marriage

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Using “I feel” statements to make rather than break your relationship Feelings are indicators about what interests and is important to us, and the expression of feelings is essential for establishing connection and creating intimacy in romantic partnerships. We have to be able to communicate clearly about how we feel in our relationship, such as expressing what we like or dislike about it. However, the clear expression of feelings is often practiced un-artfully. One of the most common errors I … Read More